Soleil Le Vin

Icone représentant le drapeau français

Le vin, le saké et l'art
la France et le pays du soleil levant

Le vin, le saké et l'art
entre la France et le pays du soleil levant

Soleil Le Vin welcomes you

Soleil Le Vin is a French company that was created with the aim of facilitating cultural exchanges between France and Japan through various activities.

It operates as an importing agent, for consulting on exporting and as an event organizer mainly in the fields of import-export of wine, champagne, spirits, sake, handcrafts and artistic works.

Over time, other activities have been developed in order to offer an ever wider range of services to our customers and partners and thus meeting their expectations.

Yuki Eguchi Mansoux – CEO


Wine and Champagne

Are you a French wine or champagne producer interested in the Japanese market?

Soleil Le Vin supports you and offers the following services:

– Marketing of French wine to professional customers, traders and intermediaries

– Consultation on the import and promotion of French products

– Presentation of French winemakers to professional clients

– Design of advertising for new imported wines

– Organization of events with winemakers

– Importing agent and exporting consultant


Are you a restaurant owner or wine merchant interested in authentic Japanese products?

Soleil Le Vin puts you in touch with professional clients in France and Europe

– Promotion of Sake as an alcoholic beverage from the Japanese culture

– Marketing of Japanese sake to overseas customers, traders and intermediaries

– Consulting on import and promotion of Japanese products

– Presentation of Japanese sake to professional customers

– Organization of events around sake and its culture

– Importing agent and exporting consultant


Soleil Le Vin works in collaboration with French and Japanese food makers, in order to find original products that are representative of Franco-Japanese culinary culture.

– Presentation of French and Japanese food producers and craftsmen to potential customers

– Consulting and support on the import-export of exceptional products

– Promotion of French and Japanese gastronomy

– Organization of events on site and online

– Importing agent and exporting consultant


Cultural exchanges also go through art, which is why Soleil Le Vin meets French and Japanese artists in order to promote them to potential customers.

Whether you are an artist or a buyer, we can assist you in the sale, research or purchase of artworks.

– Search for artwork and artists in order to promote know-how and pieces of art internationally

– Organization of events around French and Japanese culture: crafts, traditional and modern art

– Consulting and support on import-export between countries


We support you in organizing your trips between France and Japan. Whether you want to visit the vineyards of the most beautiful French regions or the sake houses and emblematic regions of Japan, Soleil Le Vin helps you organize your trips by offering you tours of around ten days.

– Wine tourism in Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy etc… for professionals and individuals who are connoisseurs and wine lovers

– Sake tourism in the regions of Kyoto, Niigata and Ibaraki etc… visit of breweries, Izakaya, museums around sake and sake houses

– Wedding ceremony, honeymoon and events in Japan

– Organization of trips for individuals and groups

– Communication with travel agency

– Providing a translator

Interpretation and Translation

Soleil Le Vin is also a translation agency that bridges cultures.

It operates in interpretation and translation in French, English, and Japanese in conferences, seminars, events, media, magazine, television or radio…

Contact us by e-mail with your topic and contact details. We will come back to you with proposals.

Areas :

– Wine, champagne, sake, cuisine, restaurant, business exchange

– Import-export, customs, international transport, sales

– Art, design, music, literature, movies, dance, theater

– Fashion, tourism, hotel, spa, wellness, sport

– Media, interview, press, advertising, PR

– Real estate, banking, inheritance

And your future subject.

“Setsuhi, Japanese calligrapher”

Translation : Soleil Le Vin



Realizing various interpreting and translation missions in Japanese, French and English for more than twenty years, Yuki Eguchi Mansoux has developed activities in international trade between Japan and various European countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, as well as French-speaking African countries, notably Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, around wines, champagnes, sakes, food products, arts and events.

A graduate of WSET3 and SSI Kikisakeshi (sake sommelier), she is a consultant on wine, catering and import-export.

In addition, Yuki Eguchi Mansoux is an Ikebana teacher from the Sogetsu School.